100% French-grown organic apples
100% French-grown organic apples

Juliet® apple, an exceptional organic apple variety
grown in France

Everything is good in the Juliet® apple. This light yellow and red striped apple is all yours... Although we know the flesh of the apple is full of vitamins, we often forget that its skin is also rich in nutrients. So, you should eat it too.  Since the Juliet® apple is ORGANIC, there no need to peel it.  It is cultivated without pesticides or synthetic chemicals. It can be eaten with confidence by everyone in your family!

If you haven't yet tried it, there are plenty of good reasons why you should:

  • It is flavourful, fragrant, and sweet,
  • crunchy and juicy, and
  • it can be stored for a long time.
flavourful, fragrant, and sweet
Crunchy and juicy
It can be stored for a long time

Juliet® - it’s organic

Growing apples organically means:

  • Respect the environment
  • Produce quality fruit
  • Fruits which can be eaten with their skin
  • Comply with strict specifications
  • Do not use synthetic chemicals
  • Growing organically means preserving our future!
Independent certification bodies carry out checks every year to verify that the standards are being followed.

General information on organic farming is available on the Agence BIO website: www.agencebio.org

Juliet®, it's good... it's Organic!  The story of this apple is also the desire to produce a fruit that respects the earth, the environment and consumers. Organic farming meets these challenges because its ultimate goal is to cultivate the land in a way that optimises long-term fertility. These production methods work in harmony with the natural cycles and the ecosystems of the soil and the environment. The rules for obtaining the AB (Organic Agriculture) label are defined and supervised by the Ministry of Agriculture, in agreement with the European Organic label, and are rigorously controlled.  Independent certification bodies carry out checks every year to verify that practices are being followed. They pay particular attention to enforcing the three fundamental rules of organic agriculture:

  • no pesticides or herbicides should be used in the production,
  • the cultivation method must not use any synthetic fertilisers or sewage sludge,
  • the use of seeds derived from GMOs are prohibited.

The AB logo found on the Juliet® apple packaging certifies that the orchards where our apples are grown comply with the Organic farming charter.  Juliet® products do not contain synthetic chemicals, GMOs, food additives or preservatives. 

Our commitments

A variety that is grown only organically
The orchards are located only in France
The packaging is recyclable and biodegradable
Produced without synthetic pesticides
Harvested by hand at their optimal ripeness

Like all other seasonal harvests that respect the environment, Juliet® apples are not available out of season. You can enjoy them from mid-October to the end of April at your specialised organic retailers and at your greengrocer. To help to recognise them, Juliet® apples have a sticker on them showing a little girl in a red dress on a green background.  

Did you know? This label is compostable,  biodegradable, and respects the environment.

The Juliet® product range, it’s good, it’s Organic!

Organic dessert apples

Pure organic apple juice with no added sugar

Sparkling organic apple juice

Organic apple cider

Organic purée/applesauce

Organic apple cider vinegar

All about apples

Apples come from the apple tree, which is planted when vegetation is resting in winter. To produce apples and pollinate their flowers, apple trees need the company of other apple trees of different varieties. It will take 3 to 4 years for the tree to bear fruit.

Apples have many health benefits. Actually, they are rich in antioxidants, which may help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Also rich in pectin, apples are a great ally in lowering cholesterol levels and alleviating certain intestinal problems. It's also a treasure trove of vitamin C, potassium, phosphorus, zinc, vitamin K and copper.

Apple skin is said to have greater antioxidant power than the flesh. To avoid all the pesticides found in apples, we recommend you opt for an organic apple. 

Apples contaminated by pesticides

According to UFC Que Choisir, over 50% of fruit and vegetables are contaminated with pesticides. Pesticides are used in intensive agriculture. According to UFC Que Choisir, 80% of apples are contaminated, and most of them contain several endocrine disruptors.

With almost 1.5 million tonnes a year, France is Europe's third-largest apple producer. Each French household is estimated to consume 17 kg a year.In intensive agriculture, apples are subject to numerous treatments, mainly involving toxic products. Moreover, we know that bees pollinate apple trees, essential for the development of apples.

Even more alarming is the fact that the French have the highest level of pesticides in their blood. By comparison, Germans and Americans have three times fewer pesticides in their blood (Source: Institut national de veille sanitaire (INVS)).

Choose organic apples to avoid pesticides  

To avoid pesticides, we recommend eating organic apples. Indeed, organic farming uses no synthetic chemicals or GMOs.

To obtain the AB (Agriculture Biologique) label, certain characteristics must be respected. The label attests to a production method that respects the environment but also animal and biodiversity well-being, and the health of both growers and consumers.

Organic farming is subject to regular controls and European regulations. These controls are carried out by bodies approved by the French public authorities. The three fundamental rules of organic farming are :
-GMOs are prohibited;
-Under no circumstances may synthetic pesticides or herbicides be used in production;-No synthetic fertilizers or sewage sludge should be used in this type of cultivation.

In short, organic farming avoids the pesticide residues found in intensively farmed produce.

Difference between organic and non-organic apples

Organic apples do not use chemical pesticides. Authorized products include copper, sulfur and calcium chloride. Compared with non-organic apples, no synthetic pesticides are used to combat red spider mites, aphids, codling moth, etc. In fact, mineral oils, sticky traps, the alt-carpo technique and kaolinite clay are all used.

In organic farming, the agroecosystem must be balanced. There are therefore many points to consider, such as soil care, fertilization and daily observation of the orchard.


Juliet® Organic apples, untreated and eco-friendly

The Juliet® apple is the only apple in the world to be produced exclusively organically. All Juliet® apples sold in our stores are therefore organic. They're as good for your health as they are for the environment. What's more, they're 100% French !

To guarantee quality apples, we use no synthetic pesticides, and hand-pick at optimum ripeness. We strongly believe that producing our apples organically will help protect our beautiful planet, so dear to us. That's why, in addition to offering a chemically-free apple, we use packaging made from recycled and recyclable materials.

Recyclable packaging can be used again and again. Recycling simply gives the waste a new, well-deserved life. Their environmental impact will be considerably improved. That's why our Juliet® organic apple trays are made from recyclable cardboard. And it doesn't stop there: our alveoli are as eco-friendly.

To immerse yourself even further in the world of Juliet® apples, let yourself be seduced by our wide range of products. Pure organic no-sugar-added apple juice, organic sparkling juice, organic cider, organic purée and compote, and cider vinegar are all waiting to be tasted.

  • Our 100% pure handmade organic apple juice has no added colorants, preservatives, or sugars. The apples used to make it are hand-picked. Guaranteed to deliver a sweet, gourmet taste experience.
  • Our organic sparkling juice is alcohol-free and brings a sweetness to your aperitifs.
  • Our organic cider made with our beautiful Juliet® apples is sure to delight your taste buds. Discover our Brut cider, the perfect way to celebrate your crêpes !
  • Our purées and compotes are sure to please young and old alike. Whether for breakfast or dessert, enjoy our Juliet® products. Still with no added sugar. We also have two new products that we're sure you'll love. Discover our apple-prune purée and our Ardèche apple-chestnut compote.
  • Our organic cider vinegar is perfect for your kitchen. A 100% ecological cleaner, it will eliminate unpleasant odors. Rich in vitamins, amino acids and trace elements, it has a remarkable composition.

Organic dessert apples

Pure organic apple juice with no added sugar

Sparkling organic apple juice

Organic apple cider

Organic purée/applesauce

Organic apple cider vinegar