The beautiful story of a100% French Organic apple
The beautiful story of a100% French Organic apple

The beautiful story of a
100% French Organic apple


A meeting of four men...

Benoît Escande
Plant nursery breeder & editor
I want to protect the interests and promote the work of our growers!
Jean-Noël Carles
I want a product that is good for my health and that is good for the planet: I want organic!
Guilhem Sévérac
Technician from the Chamber of Agriculture of Vaucluse
I want good variety: hardy and productive!
Jean-Paul Touchard
Product launch specialist
I want to offer a quality and healthy product to as many consumers as possible.

... who fell in love with an apple...

... and who developed the project of an apple variety that is grown only organically and only in France!


First establishment of Juliet®orchards in Provence


Creation of the Association "Les Amis de Juliet®", which brings together organic apple growers.

The "Les Amis de Juliet®" association was created on May 18th, 2005.
It unites over 130 growers coming from all large commercial orchard regions of France.
The purpose of our association is to:

Promote the Juliet® apple
variety to the wider public,

Coordinate the technical monitoring
of the Juliet® orchards,

Ensure cultivation of Juliet® apples exclusively in France
and exclusively organic,

From 2001 to the present

The development of orchards by increasing the number of producers in different regions of France.

The story of the apple and the “Les Amis de Juliet®” association

At the origin of the Juliet® apple story is Guilhem Sévérac, arboriculture expert from the Chamber of Agriculture of Vaucluse, who by planting the first Juliet® apple trees on an experimental plot, discovered the enormous potential of this apple. 

Results of this experiment exceeded all expectations. Juliet® shines with its taste qualities: it is firm, juicy, fragrant, and sweet but, as a bonus, it is well suited to organic farming. Juliet® apple is naturally resistant to the apple scab and aphids.

Thanks to its qualities, Juliet® has won hearts of many growers across France, today numbering over 130, united in the ”Les Amis de Juliet®” association. 

The growers are the best ambassadors of the Juliet® apple variety, in which there is a significant interest outside France. Juliet® is coveted in Europe and Asia's markets alike... Our growers are proud to be promoting the value of French orchards around the world. 



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