Our growers
Our growers

Producers of organic apples from orchards in France

The "Les Amis de Juliet®" association was created on May 18th, 2005.
It unites over 130 growers coming from all large commercial orchard regions of France.
The purpose of our association is to:
Promote the Juliet® apple
variety to the wider public,
Coordinate the technical monitoring
of the Juliet® orchards,
Ensure cultivation of Juliet® apples exclusively in France
and exclusively organic,


Jérôme Berthalin

Fruit grower in Vaucluse
Juliet® provides us with an efficient technical monitoring and gives us access to a dynamic market. We made a great choice.

Nicolas Berger

Fruit grower in Vaucluse
With Juliet®, we have chosen to enhance our expertise and flavours of our regions.

Pierre Antoniolli

Juliet® apple grower
Getting on-board with Juliet® gives us an opportunity to be supported with confidence in this adventure, making it less risky, yet just as exciting!

Our commitments

A variety that is grown only organically
The orchards are located only in France
The packaging is recyclable and biodegradable
Produced without synthetic pesticides
Harvested by hand at their optimal ripeness