Juliet® apples product range: pure juice, ciders, applesauce, sparkling juice… It’s good, it’s organic!
Juliet® apples product range: pure juice, ciders, applesauce, sparkling juice… It’s good, it’s organic!

Juliet® apples product range: pure juice, ciders, applesauce, sparkling juice… It’s good, it’s organic!

Want to taste Juliet® apples in all their splendour? Available packaged in trays or in foodtainers, Juliet® apples can be enjoyed at your convenience.  They are also available in various 100% organic gourmet preparations:  pure juice, sparkling alcohol-free juice, ciders, purées/applesauce, cider vinegars… Discover all the lovingly prepared products that honour our deserving apple!

Immerse yourself in the universe of 100% organic & 100% French-grown Juliet® apple.  Discover our flavourful dessert apples perfect for eating fresh, but which can also be used in many tasty gourmet recipes. Pure juice, ciders, purées/applesauce, sparkling juices, cider vinegars, the Juliet® apple range - these are products made for all desires and tastes…

An organic French-grown dessert apple …  

Juliet® apple is a variety that is both French-grown and organically-grown.  No less than 130 producers pamper it across France and allow it to express all of its flavours.  It’s reputation for being sweet, juicy and crunchy, flavourful, and a concentration of pure pleasure, It is seducing more and more consumers across France, as well as abroad.  

Statistically, the apple is the most consumed fruit in France but it is also the fruit most loaded with synthetic pesticides... However, the Juliet® apple is an exception, as it the only variety in the world that is produced exclusively in organic agriculture.  This is the main reason why the Juliet® apple can be eaten unpeeled, allowing you to taste an apple that is both crunchy and healthy.
Organic agriculture is a way of producing that respects the environment and animal welfare alike. It uses non-polluting processes and prohibits the use of chemical pesticides and synthetic herbicides. It favours biodiversity and the preservation of natural resources.  

Juliet® organic apples are mainly sold in the specialised organic retailers, however, they can also be found in independent greengrocers as well as in larger and smaller supermarkets.  They are packaged in one or two-level trays, sold in bulk, or in foodtainers of 4, 6 or 8 fruits.

100% organic pure apple juice free from colourants, preservatives, and added sugar 

Juliet® apples are naturally sweet, juicy and flavourful, hence, they are ideal for juicing.

Free from colourants, preservatives, and added sugars, this pure juice is made from our sun-drenched apples picked at their perfect ripeness, and pressed in France. 

All of the products in the Juliet® range, including the pure juice, are made only from this organic apple variety.  Quality brought by producers committed to organic agriculture and in love with their regions, offers you this perfumed taste experience full of promise. 

The juice is available in different formats; small 200 ml tetra packs, 330 ml or 1 l glass bottles as well as in 3 l and 5 l bag-in-box formats for those who consume in larger quantities. 

Combine pleasure and sweetness with our naturally sweet, additive and preservative-free, totally organic pure juice product range.

Juliet® organic alcohol-free sparkling apple juice – to be enjoyed without moderation! 

For the lovers of fine bubbles, Juliet® offers its new French-grown 100% organic alcohol-free sparkling apple juice. This drink will be highly appreciated by all people of all ages in search of the best taste experience. 

The sparkling juice is made from organic Juliet® apples, which have been grown exclusively in organic orchards by  100% French producers.
Our sparking organic apple juice is perfectly balanced thanks to the qualities of Juliet® apples, which lend themselves perfectly to this preparation. This apple variety brings a very perfumed and sweet taste to this drink. 

Thanks to this unique recipe, Juliet® sparkling apple juice is a delight for all occasions and for all generations, young and old.  The perfect companion for all your gourmet recipes, Juliet® alcohol-free sparkling organic apple juice is the perfect drink for all your parties. 

Our sparkling juice comes in bottles of 275 ml or 750 ml, and brings you the lightness of sparkling wine without the alcohol! 

Juliet® organic apple cider, a real 100% organic delight 

Discover our dry (Brut) and semi-dry (Demi sec) Juliet® organic apple ciders.  All our ciders are made exclusively in France and are certified Organic Agriculture. They express all the vitality and flavours of different regions of France as well as the passion of the Juliet® apple growers.  

Tasting our dry and semi-dry ciders is a journey that will delight your senses and your taste buds.  The ciders are a wave of freshness full of intense flavours of this unique apple variety. Either Dry or Semi-dry, these 100% organic and 100% French-made ciders are a delicious way to celebrate your best crepes but also, and above all, your most beautiful moments.

Juliet® organic apple purée/applesauce 

The 90 g pouches are convenient to use as a child’s afternoon snack, while the 840 g jar is perfect for use at home.  Either way, the Juliet® organic applesauce/purée is a real treat anytime from breakfast to dessert after dinner.

Developed from the know-how of French producers growing 100% organic Juliet® apples, this applesauce delivers all its vitamins and taste right to your plate. Our French-grown Juliet® purée and applesauce have no added sugars. The sweetness of the apples themselves are sufficient, allowing us to avoid excessive sugar intake.

Organic dessert apples

Pure organic apple juice with no added sugar

Sparkling organic apple juice

Organic apple cider

Organic purée/applesauce

Organic apple cider vinegar