Recyclable and ecological packagingin a consistent global approach
Recyclable and ecological packagingin a consistent global approach

Recyclable and ecological packaging
in a consistent global approach

At Pomme Juliet® we firmly believe that organic production is the way to protect our agriculture, our biodiversity, and the whole planet. Responsible production which is in harmony with natural cycles to promote climate protection. This explains why our commitment goes beyond organic production, and motivates us to offer packaging that respects the planet. In a consistent and meaningful way, we use packaging that is primarily made from recycled, recyclable, and biodegradable materials to help reduce our footprint and reduce volumes of waste.

Packaging boxes and trays are made of recycled and recyclable materials


The recyclable packaging is made from materials that can be used repeatedly after processing. Recycling is a way to give a new life to waste; we use the same materials to remake identical packaging or make different packaging or other items. The purpose of our environmentally-friendly packaging is to reduce our environmental footprint.

The concept of Pomme Juliet® is just that... That is why our transporting crates are largely made out of recyclable and recycled cardboard.

And so are the merchandise trays...

But it does not stop here, as our biodegradable transportation trays, which ensure the intangibility of our precious organic apples during transportation, are made of recycled carton and are further recyclable to ensue the fiture of our planet.

Eco-friendly and planet-friendly packaging film 

Plastic packaging has become the number one enemy of sustainability on our planet. That is why today we are looking for alternatives. Pomme Juliet® have chosen to use ecologically friendly bioplastic packaging. It is a new generation of materials that incorporate plant-based materials in their manufacturing. They are both; bio-based (from renewable resources) and biodegradable as part of a sustainable management of our resource strategy. The packaging film covering the apple Juliet® trays is a part of this new innovative packaging material family. They are home-compostable and biodegradable.

The bags used by the individual consumer are also made of bioplastics. Made from corn starch, they are fully compostable and biodegradable. The use of renewable resources ensures the reduced use of fossil resources and reduced greenhouse gas emissions. Their biodegradability offers an additional option for the packaging’s end of life and reduces waste.

The Pomme Juliet® BIO sticker accompanies the apple core to the compost!

Even the stickers on our French-grown organic apples are biodegradable.  The label can be composted at home, in your individual composting bin, where it will join its apple core along with the other green waste!