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Juliet®, the organic apple produced exclusively in France is available near you...

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Juliet® apples, 100% French & organic

Two-tone, juicy and crisp, the Juliet® apple is an organic apple variety grown only in France. Rich in vitamins and nutrients, it's guaranteed to please young and old alike. As well as being tasty, there's no need to peel it. You'll be able to take full advantage of the skin's many benefits. It will embellish both sweet and savoury recipes. 

The Juliet® apple doesn't stop at its original shape. In fact, it can be enjoyed in other equally delicious products:

All these products are, of course, free from added sugar, chemicals, GMOs, preservatives and additives.

Apples are the most widely consumed fruit in France, yet they are among the fruits containing the highest levels of synthetic pesticides. However, Juliet® producers have decided to counterbalance these data by creating an apple produced exclusively organically. Until now, it was the only variety in the world (no less!) to be so. Enough to seduce a good number of consumers.

"Juliet® is good and... it's organic!" Its slogan reflects its values. With the aim of respecting the environment around us, Juliet® apples are produced without the use of synthetic pesticides.

In keeping with our commitment to ecological responsibility, all our packaging is made from eco-friendly materials.

Juliet® apples are sold both in trays and in baskets for supermarket distribution.

The French are increasingly attracted to this apple with its many assets. Confident, it's not stopping there, and is going beyond the borders of France to win over foreign markets.

Would you like to treat all your friends and family to delicious apple-based dishes ? Don't wait any longer to buy our beautiful Juliet® apple, which we're sure will go well with many recipes: tarte tatin, black fried spring roll, or even sweet omelettes. 

Where to buy Juliet® apples ?

Our beautiful Juliet® apple is available all over France, in specialized organic stores, markets and supermarkets.
It is also easy to find at your local greengrocer. 
Juliet® apples are not available out of season. If you want to eat it, you can find it between mid-October and the end of April.
To recognize it, just look at the stickers on the apples. The Juliet® sticker features a sketch of a little girl against a green background.
Our goal is to bring the great taste of Juliet® apples to everyone. It's done, as you can see on our map.

After purchase, Juliet® apples can be stored in your fridge. With its thick skin, it has no storage problems. In fact, it can be stored for several weeks or even months in a cool place.

So, what do you think? Don't hesitate to buy Juliet® apples at any of the sales outlets shown on our map!

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