The beautiful story of a 100% French-grown organic apple

A meeting between 4 men who fell in love with an apple, and who gave birth to the project of an apple produced exclusively in Organic Agriculture and in France !

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Juliet® apple,
an exceptional French-grown organic apple variety



The name of my variety is Juliet®. I am a bicolored apple — passionately red atop and sun drenched-yellow beneath. I am good for everything — eating raw or for cooking.  Naturally juicy, I am crunchy and sweet in order to bring you all my flavours. 

Grown on 570 hectares of orchards exclusively in France, you will find me grown only in organically, as it says on my label. The AB logo shows consumers that I have been produced in compliance with the strictest set of rules defined in a set of precise guidelines, particularly prohibiting use of chemical or synthetic pesticides and GMOs.

You will enjoy every part of me, especially my skin that is rich in vitamins, without fear of consuming pesticides or other chemicals. 

Among all of the other apple varieties, I am the only variety in the world that is grown exclusively organically. Surely are familiar with some of the most popular apple varieties, such as Gala, Golden, Chanteclerc, Granny Smith, Pink Lady etc...

French organic growers

The "Les Amis de Juliet®" association was created on May 18th, 2005.
It unites over 130 growers coming from all large commercial orchard regions of France.
The purpose of our association is to:

Promote the Juliet® apple
variety to the wider public,

Coordinate the technical monitoring
of the Juliet® orchards,

Ensure cultivation of Juliet® apples exclusively in France
and exclusively organic,

Juliet® products: it’s good, it’s Organic!

I am good for munching, it’s a fact. But you can also taste me in a variety of tasty, organic, French-made products prepared with the utmost care.

Organic dessert apples

Pure organic apple juice with no added sugar

Sparkling organic apple juice

Organic apple cider

Organic purée/applesauce

Organic apple cider vinegar

In coherence with our mission to take care of our planet, Juliet® uses only ecologically responsible packaging. Everything from the crates, the packaging films, the platters, and even the the stickers on the Juliet® apples are produced in an environmentally-responsible manner.

Juliet® has news

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I'll tell you more, I am a lovely apple

I am the only apple in the world grown exclusively organically – any Juliet® apple that you see for sale is certified organic. I am healthy & environmentally friendly... And on the top of that, I am 100% French. Also, I love to travel; I am exported all over the world!


Seducing the French with my apples!

I am one of the most appreciated fruits in France, I accompany French people all day long; from the morning through to the afternoon snack and beyond. I leave my orchard to become a part of gourmet recipes, grandma’s apple tart, or to find myself in the school bag of a boy who will eat me in the afternoon as a snack.

Thanks to my legendary versatility, I think of myself as a staple of French gastronomy, eaten whole or prepared in sweet or savoury recipes, there is something for everyone in me! From amateur cooks to the most discerning chefs, I am perfect grated or whole, cooked or raw, baked or pan-fried, for a simple or sophisticated cuisine.

I combine taste and nutritional qualities, hence the saying "an apple a day keeps the doctor away". Whilst low in calories, I am rich in fiber, vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants, while contributing to the digestive balance of my consumers.

The European organic logo has become mandatory since July 1st, 2010. It has to be displayed on all organically grown foodstuffs produced in Europe. It certifies that these products comply with the same regulations all across the European Union.

Its presence guarantees that the products sold are organically grown and produced, and that they comply with certification regulations. In addition, it provides certain mandatory information, such as the origin of the product and the approval number of the certification body.

Explanation of the AB label…

The criteria for obtaining the AB label are determined by the Ministry of Agriculture, Agri-food and Forestry, in accordance with the European organic label.

Certification bodies are responsible for monitoring and auditing companies seeking certification.
The label guarantees that the products sold are organically produced, with no pesticides, synthetic herbicides, nor GMOs.


We tell you all about French apple production

Unsurprisingly, the apple is the most consumed and appreciated fruit in France. Production continues to rise, reaching almost 1.67 million tonnes in our country.
The three main producers in Europe are Italy, Poland, and France. (Source :
Demand on the French market is also very strong. It stands at around 737,000 tonnes, with a further 44,000 tonnes coming from the catering trade.
If we take a closer look at consumers, we can see that they consume almost 20 kg of apples a year. They can choose from around 400 varieties. (source :

What about organic apples?

To obtain quality fruit, the arboriculturist takes care of his orchards, always respecting the environment and consumers. 
Organic production uses no synthetic chemicals and respects precise specifications.

Organic apple production in France has been growing steadily in recent years, with an increase in the area devoted to organic apple cultivation. According to the latest available data, around 5% of total apple production in France is organic.

The most important regions for organic apple production in France are Sud-Est, Centre-Val de Loire and Nord-Est.
Organic apple growing involves the use of eco-friendly cultivation methods, such as crop rotation, biological insect and disease control, and the use of compost and manure. This reduces the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers, which benefits the health of both consumers and the environment.   

Due to the growing demand for organic products, many apple producers in France are turning to organic cultivation to meet this demand. Consumers are increasingly aware of the benefits of eating organic produce, such as superior nutritional quality and environmental sustainability, and this has led to an increase in the availability of organic apples in stores and local markets.

To sum up, organic apple production in France is growing steadily, with specific regions and apple varieties being the most commonly grown. Organic apple producers use eco-friendly cultivation methods to produce superior quality fruits. Demand for organic products is on the rise, which should continue to stimulate growth in organic apple production in France.

Juliet® apple producers, the first ambassadors

Juliet® apple producers are farmers who grow apples ecologically, using methods that respect the environment. They focus on using sustainable farming practices, such as netting to control codling moths, rather than chemical pesticides.

As the first ambassadors of Juliet®, they are also concerned about the quality of their apples, and strive to produce healthy, tasty Juliet® apples. 

By buying Juliet® organic apples, consumers can support our local growers and help promote sustainable agriculture. As well as being healthier to eat, Juliet® organic apples are also more eco-friendly, containing no pesticide residues and helping to preserve biodiversity.

Juliet®, more than just an apple

Juliet® organic apples offer many benefits for health and the environment. Firstly, it is grown without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers, making it healthier for consumption. It also contains higher levels of nutrients such as antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals than conventional apples.

Juliet® organic apples also have a less negative impact on the environment thanks to their non-use of pesticides.

If you'd like to buy our Juliet® organic apples, you can find them in organic stores such as Bio c bon, Biomonde and others. You can also visit your local supermarket (Casino, Système U, Auchan...). You can also find them at your local greengrocer's.


Our commitments

A variety that is grown only organically
The orchards are located only in France
The packaging is recyclable and biodegradable
Produced without synthetic pesticides
Harvested by hand at their optimal ripeness

Organic dessert apples

Pure organic apple juice with no added sugar

Sparkling organic apple juice

Organic apple cider

Organic purée/applesauce

Organic apple cider vinegar