The beautiful story of a 100% French-grown organic apple

A meeting of four men...
I want to protect the interests and promote the work of our growers!
Benoît Escande
Plant nursery breeder & editor
I want a product that is good for my health and that is good for the planet: I want organic!
Jean-Noël Carles
I want good variety: hardy and productive!
Guilhem Sévérac
Technician from the Chamber of Agriculture of Vaucluse
I want to offer a quality and healthy product to as many consumers as possible.
Jean-Paul Touchard
Product launch specialist
... who fell in love with an apple... ... and who developed the project of an apple variety that is grown only organically and only in France!

Juliet® apple,
an exceptional French-grown organic apple variety

The name of my variety is Juliet®. I am a bicolored apple — passionately red atop and sun drenched-yellow beneath. I am good for everything — eating raw or for cooking.  Naturally juicy, I am crunchy and sweet in order to bring you all my flavours. 



Grown on 570 hectares of orchards exclusively in France, you will find me grown only in organically, as it says on my label. The AB logo shows consumers that I have been produced in compliance with the strictest set of rules defined in a set of precise guidelines, particularly prohibiting use of chemical or synthetic pesticides and GMOs.

You will enjoy every part of me, especially my skin that is rich in vitamins, without fear of consuming pesticides or other chemicals. 

Among all of the other apple varieties, I am the only variety in the world that is grown exclusively organically. Surely are familiar with some of the most popular apple varieties, such as Gala, Golden, Chanteclerc, Granny Smith, Pink Lady etc...

French organic growers

The "Les Amis de Juliet®" association was created on May 18th, 2005.
It unites over 130 growers coming from all large commercial orchard regions of France.
The purpose of our association is to:
Promote the Juliet® apple
variety to the wider public,
Coordinate the technical monitoring
of the Juliet® orchards,
Ensure cultivation of Juliet® apples exclusively in France
and exclusively organic,

Not only must my growers be in France, they also have to be certified as organic farmers. An independent certification body is the best way to ensure product quality and compliance. The label ensures continuous improvement and responsible consumption by adhering to these three rules:

  • The apples are grown free of pesticides, synthetic herbicides and chemical fertilisers;
  • Production practices must respect the environment and animal welfare;
  • GMOs are prohibited


Our commitments

A variety that is grown only organically
The orchards are located only in France
The packaging is recyclable and biodegradable
Produced without synthetic pesticides
Harvested by hand at their optimal ripeness

Juliet® has news

I'll tell you more, I am a lovely apple

I am the only apple in the world grown exclusively organically – any Juliet® apple that you see for sale is certified organic. I am healthy & environmentally friendly... And on the top of that, I am 100% French. Also, I love to travel; I am exported all over the world!


Seducing the French with my apples!

I am one of the most appreciated fruits in France, I accompany French people all day long; from the morning through to the afternoon snack and beyond. I leave my orchard to become a part of gourmet recipes, grandma’s apple tart, or to find myself in the school bag of a boy who will eat me in the afternoon as a snack.

Thanks to my legendary versatility, I think of myself as a staple of French gastronomy, eaten whole or prepared in sweet or savoury recipes, there is something for everyone in me! From amateur cooks to the most discerning chefs, I am perfect grated or whole, cooked or raw, baked or pan-fried, for a simple or sophisticated cuisine.

I combine taste and nutritional qualities, hence the saying "an apple a day keeps the doctor away". Whilst low in calories, I am rich in fiber, vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants, while contributing to the digestive balance of my consumers.

The European organic logo has become mandatory since July 1st, 2010. It has to be displayed on all organically grown foodstuffs produced in Europe. It certifies that these products comply with the same regulations all across the European Union.

Its presence guarantees that the products sold are organically grown and produced, and that they comply with certification regulations. In addition, it provides certain mandatory information, such as the origin of the product and the approval number of the certification body.

Explanation of the AB label…

The criteria for obtaining the AB label are determined by the Ministry of Agriculture, Agri-food and Forestry, in accordance with the European organic label.

Certification bodies are responsible for monitoring and auditing companies seeking certification.
The label guarantees that the products sold are organically produced, with no pesticides, synthetic herbicides, nor GMOs.